Professional Family Dental Services

Professional Family Dental Services

Dr. Riley and Dr Arti Shah deliver dental services that include all aspects of General dentistry:


Majors Bay Dental Services provides a comprehensive range of dental services for individuals and families. You can contact us to make an appointment to meet with our professional staff.




  • Dental examinations, dental hygiene and oral health education
  • restorative dental procedures eg. bridges and crowns
  • root canal treatment
  • dental extractions
  • wisdom teeth
  • cosmetic dentistry eg. teeth whitening, veneers
  • dental implants - dentures - splints (sport, treatment of bruxing)
  • anti-anxiety treatment eg. Penthrox inhalers

    Penthrox is a revolutionary inhaled pain relief product which will provide you with immediate pain and anxiety relief. Penthrox is the combination of an inhaler device and a pharmaceutical agent that has been used in Australia for over 30 years by healthcare professionals for the provision of immediate pain relief. Penthrox will provide you with strong pain relief while at the same time helping you feel more comfortable.  You are in control of the level of your relief, simply by inhaling Penthrox through the Penthrox Inhaler.

There are many other services available. Please ask the dentist if you have a specific requirement.




Specifically for Children:


Whilst we treat ALL members of our community, we realize the importance of children having a positive dental experience so as to establish good dental habits for a lifetime.

David and Arti are both parents, with young and older children. We pride ourselves on being gentle and child-friendly.

In our surgery, we have an overhead television above our dental chair to offer distraction for young children if needed and any nervous adult patients as well!

Our waiting room has a little table, children’s waiting chairs, colouring pages, pencils, toys, books and a television.